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Discover the qualities of one of the iconic airliners of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. With a full passenger cabin, you can experience not only the challenging role of the pilot at the front, but also sit back in one of the 14 passenger seats and enjoy the views out of the large windows as the world goes by. And being a purposely-built rugged design, you are not confined to just large sophisticated airports but can also take your passengers and cargo to and from out-of-the-way places, sometimes (e.g. Barra, Scotland) with no runway at all!

Unusually designed as both a single or dual pilot airliner, depending on requirements, this aircraft will give you opportunities to fly worldwide in a great variety of routes and places, in both civilian and military roles, just as the real Herons are famous for doing.


  • Nine different models;
  • Both fixed gear and retractable gear versions;
  • Upgraded early and late model cockpits;
  • Highly accurate VC;
  • Fully clickable and workable cockpit overall;
  • Removable yokes for full instrument vision plus single-pilot operations.
  • Opening cockpit ‘clearview’ windows;
  • Full NAVCOM radio and autopilot suite;
  • Late models feature full-feathering propellers;
  • Cockpit can be configured for single or dual pilot operation;
  • Full passenger cabin (and toilet);
  • Passenger window blinds can be raised and lowered;
  • Choice of stowable entrance ladder, or full passenger stairs;
  • Anti-static vanes that move with airflow;
  • Animated pilots (external view);
  • Bump mapping in appropriate areas;
  • Carefully researched textures;
  • Full flight operations manual, accurate and derived from the original;


Paint kit available on the Flight Replicas website, Downloads page.


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